Bi-Weekly Details

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What’s Included in This Package?

Spring Cleanup (Mar-Jun)

  • Removal of all leaf and stick debris, cut back perennials, apply pre-emergent to all landscape beds.

Edge and Mulch (May-Jun)

  • Edge landscape beds by hand to create defined separation between bed and lawn. Lay pre-emergent, fertilizers, and high-quality mulch in landscape beds.
  • Hardwood Mulch: A natural mulch, brown in color, particles ranging in size from 3/4″ to 3″.
  • Forest Fines: A finely ground natural mulch, rich dark brown in color.
  • Brown Dyed: Hardwood mulch dyed with a brown water-based environmentally friendly colorant, particles approximately 1.5″
  • Black Dyed: Hardwood mulch dyed with a black water-based environmentally friendly colorant, particles approximately 1.5″

12 Maintenance Visits (Jun-Nov)

Pruning of shrubs, perennials, and ground covers. Weeding and herbicide application. Fertilization of annuals and general cleanup.

Fall Cleanups (Nov-Dec)

Removal of leaves from beds and/or yard, pick up sticks, cut back of perennials and ornamental grasses.  If opting for one fall cleanup, your cleanup will occur once most or all of the leaves have fallen.  


Spring Annuals (Early March) – Pansies and other hardy annuals for early spring color. Not intended to last through summer.

Summer Annuals (Mid May-June) – Our most popular annuals that provide color for most of the summer.

Fall Annuals (Sept-Oct) – Colorful cabbage, mums, pansies, etc.

Winter Décor (late Nov.-Dec.) – Fresh cut greenery, magnolia leaves, winterberry, and more.

Holiday Lighting (Nov – Dec)

Decorating shrubs and small trees with holiday lights.

Dormant Pruning (Late Dec – Feb)

Pruning that greatly reduces overgrown shrubs and trees, sometimes by 1/3, to improve plant health and appearance. Dormant pruning may be recommended to you by our staff.

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